Polyurethane Casting Bandage

Polyurethane Casting Bandage

P.U. Bandage (Polyurethane Casting Bandage)

  • P.U. Bandage (Polyurethane Casting Bandage) is more pliable tropical climates.
  • It is of high strength & is more comfortable. To keep it fresh it has been packed in two shells of aluminium foil individually & one card board carton of 2 bandages.
  • It is high strength, light weight, X-ray transparent, patient can even swim after it has been applied.

Directions Of Use

  • Clean the area with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol of Povidone Iodine. Apply some talcum powder, pull the stockinett over the part and apply Cast Padding over it before applying P.U. Bandage.
  • Choose an adequate size, wear gloves & open one pouch containing P.U. Bandage.
  • Do not open the second bandage till the first has been applied.
  • For best result dip the bandage in tap water for 2 seconds take out of water & squeeze once. For making fast setting squeeze 2 to 3 times & for medium setting do not squeeze.
  • If better mouldability and slow setting is required the bandage may be applied without dipping in water & after wrapping & molding, wet it by dipping gloved hands in water 2-3 times & massaging it or wrapping over it a wet gauze bandage which may be removed after 10 minutes.
  • P.U. Bandage should be applied from narrow part towards wide part with the bandage stayed close to the desired area.
  • Make sure do not apply P.U. Bandage with the bandage pulled long.
  • Wrap the bandage around the part to be plastered by suitable overlap, going from narrow to wide portion.
  • Apply P.U. Bandage in a spiral motion but not with excessive tension.
  • Mould the casted area freely with gloved hands dipped in water.

The pouch should be opened just before use. Only one bandage should be dipped in water at a time. The bandage should not be applied with too much tension to avoid compression. After applying the bandage it may be moulded to the required shape and held in its place till fully hard. If the patient feels uncomfortable due to tightening of the cast, slit the cast immediately to relieve pressure. After applying the bandage take off the gloves & wash hands with soap & water. If the fracture is fresh and it is expected that swelling may occur, the PU cast should not be applied at all, rather a removable splint should be applied. If a highly conformable splint is required the bandage may be applied spirally like a plaster and then a slit may be made longitudinally on both sides. Take care that sufficient layers have been wrapped to enable it to bear the expected load, i.e. for light and flexible support apply 3 layers for wrists 4 layers, for forearm etc 5 layers, for lower leg walking plaster (at foot, sole, ankle etc) 6-7 layers with extra support at load bearing areas.

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